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Gain Practical Knowledge Appreciated by Employers
Higher education is an integral base in the creation of the successful career. It opens doors for growth, development and success. In Turiba University knowledge goes hand in hand with practical skills – it is a combination, which is highly appreciated by employers not only in Latvia, but also in the world.

Turiba University has received recognition of employers and ranked in the top position of the most recognized universities. 99.61% of graduates are employed – it is the highest employment rate among Latvian universities, furthermore, more than 80% university students is working during their studies.

Graduates of Turiba University are competitive and in demand in the labour market. Also international orientation, successful cooperation with industries, as well as organized study environment of the University are approved; study environment is improved by taking into account advices of field professionals and by learning from employers, close partners of the University in study development issues.

Turiba is practically-oriented university, because practical studies forms 60% of time spent at studies, whereas theory – 40%. Lecturers are field professionals with a wide experience, which in addition to theory gives an insight into the world of the particular field. Everyone can gain to their professional field appropriate, business-oriented education and to develop as a creative leader.

Professional orientation of Turiba University which allows students to gain work experience already during studies in each year of studies by offering wide apprenticeship opportunities serves a basis of the high employment rate. Already during studies it is possible to acquire real skills and experience necessary for the work. Studies are not based just on the academic materials and theoretical tasks; thereby students are more competitive at the labour market. Employers approve practical experience, therefore when recruiting young people, preferences are given to those young people who have gained experience with an employer in their chosen field.

Turiba is labour market-oriented university, and it is approved both by future students and employers. By evaluating a potential employee, it is also taken into account which university he or she has graduated, because it refers to the knowledge and skills of the employee to perform a specific job. It is important for the employer to know how much time and work should be invested in the training of a new employee. The more experience and practical knowledge young people have, the less time should be invested by the employer, thereby the higher education institution and the content of the study programme is important, as well as the previous experience with students of the particular higher education institution.

Young people from 35 contries of the world study at Turiba University and they have applied for studies in almost all study levels which are offered by the university, studying in Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral study programs, therefore also you can study not only in Latvian in one of 23 study programs but also in English.

We implement national and internationally accredited educational programs and carry out scientific research in order to develop business competencies in the community and promote the development of the region. The University has been granted with an indefinite accreditation (Accreditation page registration No. 002, 08.05.1997). Educational Institution Registration No.3343800213.

The main areas of study are business management, law science, tourism and hospitality, communication, internal security and civil defence.

The university has three branches: in Liepaja, Cesis and Talsi.

Our Vision:
We are the creative core and driving force behind the future Latvian economy.

Our Mission:
We steer forward business ideas in the world prospering ourselves and teaching others how to prosper.

Our Values:
Freedom. Entrepreneurship. Competence.

Do you live your own life? Or are you a screw in another mechanism? Perhaps it's easier to be one of the gray masses, but life really only begins when you are free to make your own judgments and choices. Free to hear and follow your call.

Have you done everything to achieve your goal? Do you realize that the quality and well-being of your life depends, first of all, on your own will, courage and daring? Take action, because then every step will bring you new opportunities and lessons, teach and keep you busy.

Are you looking for and saving the knowledge that you need to be called a smart person? A true wise person is one who is always ready to recognize his stupidity and continues to wonder about the world all his life. A university diploma will be a proof that you have been in a serious mental training camp, but you will be able to use it independently in your future life steps.

Specially created home for Turitis is located at the Study Information Center, but it also enjoys the rest of Turiba territory, where it can run, greet students, and simply watch people at Turiba University. Turitis feels like at home also in other buildings which are in Turiba territory, where it can easily enter and walk around from it's heart. And of course Turitis also thinks about studies, because pink paws often bring a cat to the library or the second floor conference room to hear different wisdom from talks between students and lecturers.


Key facts about Latvia

Official name: Republic of Latvia

Capital: Riga

Population: 1 968 957 (as of 01.2016)

Area: 64 589 sq.km or 24 937 sq.miles

Language: Latvian (official), Russian, English and German are also widely spoken

Highest point: Gaiziņa Kalns 312 m

Currency: 1 EUR = 100 cents

Time zone: GMT +2, from April to November – GMT +3

Internet domain: .lv

International phone code: +371

Maritime climate: warm in summer (20oC), cold in winter (-5oC)

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